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If you need to file for divorce, are involved in a child custody or visitation dispute, a child support case, a domestic violence or restraining order matter, a CYFD child abuse or neglect case, a grandparent visitation rights case, or you’ve just been served with court papers, you need an Experienced and Respected Albuquerque Divorce and Family Law Attorney on your side.

You need someone you can count on. A lawyer who has been Praised by Family Court Judges for his Courtroom Skill and Demeanor. An attorney who has successfully represented people just like you in almost every type of divorce and family law situation there is. You need a lawyer who is committed and will fight for you in court.

We handle All Divorce & Family Law Cases in New Mexico.

CYFD Child Abuse & Neglect Investigations 

Grandparent Visitation Child Kinship

Court Order Modifications
Court Order Enforcement

Domestic Violence Restraining Orders
& Orders of Protection
Legal Marital Separation
Pre-Nuptial & Post-Marital Agreements

Child Paternity
Child Custody
Visitation & Timesharing

Child Support
Back Child Support

Child Relocations
Child Kidnappings & Abductions
Child Adoptions
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When you need a Divorce, Custody, and Family Lawyer, you want someone who’s smart, aggressive, and experienced, with a Proven History of Success; someone you can trust who’s committed to getting you the results you need.
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